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About us

UAB "ARCUS NOVUS" is a company in Lithuania dealing with implementation and development of innovative technological projects, and activities in research and development. During all its life time company implements innovative ideas and searches for new activity fields and collaborates with science and research institutions in pursuit to purify new activities and stipulate emerging of new start-ups in the field of high technologies, which are offered to develop in the technology park run by the company. UAB "ARCUS NOVUS" also supports progressive processes and takes part in trailblazing activities in Lithuania.

UAB "ARCUS NOVUS", pathfinder of innovative technologies

UAB "ARCUS NOVUS" was founded in 2003. Since the beginning the main activities of the company was transmission of information by the means of satellite telecommunications. UAB "ARCUS NOVUS" seized a certain market share and became a leader in Lithuania in its field by choosing the right market segment and offering high quality services and attractive pricing. UAB "ARCUS NOVUS" have achieved those results by steady performing research on services’ quality improvement and implementing them into its activities, and by developing and producing special equipment.

Company have established a satellite communication teleport in Vilnius with span of satellite coverage over Eastern Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East, Central Asia and Africa and offered satellite broadband channels "ArcusNET" and IP telephony. It have implemented and maintained satellite ground stations and satellite networks in Baltics and other countries.

In 2007 m. company has established a public institution VšĮ "Liepiškių technologijų parkas" to develop a technological park, and a daughter company UAB "SatGate", which was assigned to continue with the providing of satellite telecommunication services.

In 2009 m. UAB "ARCUS NOVUS" has established daughter company UAB "Arcus Innotech", later renamed into UAB "Amber Core", which deals with construction and development of data centres.

At present UAB "ARCUS NOVUS" owns one of the most advanced satellite teleports in Baltics, develops the technology park, designs special equipment, deals with research and development, and telecommunications. Company develops another innovative ideas and collaborates with science and research institutions in pursuit to purify new ideas and create beneficial conditions for new emerging companies to develop their business in the new technology park in Liepiškės.

Company takes active part in progressive processes in Lithuania. UAB "ARCUS NOVUS" is a member of Lithuanian Aerospace Association and one of its founders. Company took part in creating of the both first Lithuanian Earth satellites "LitSat-1".

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